Friday, February 14, 2014

2/14: Loving Life in the MTC

Disneyland isn't the happiest place on earth; the MTC is happier!  At least it is from our point of view.  Senior missionaries are VIPs here.  Our room is nice, the food is good, the people are great, the Spirit is strong, the meetings and training are uplifting, and it seems everyone is happy.  Every morning we run on the treadmills, then have meals, meetings and classes until 4:30.  After that we have free time to visit with our kids (the Hubbards) or shop or study or email or visit with other couples.  The other senior couples are all so talented and friendly.

When we arrived the Dalebouts (the couple staying in our house) picked us up at the airport and brought us to the MTC.  On Sunday they took us to meet the Livingstones, who presided over our mission a few years ago.  We had a great time peppering them with questions and getting valuable info about our mission.  They hooked us up with the Nuttalls, who served exactly where we will be, 18 months ago.  They brought us to their home for lunch and another valuable question/answer session.  They also offered us a ride to the airport tomorrow morning, so we can ask more questions.

One of the couples in our district, the Kaonas, is from Kaui and gave us crocheted leis as a parting gift.

The one anxious time we had here was when the travel office (or maybe the Cameroon Consulate) lost our Yellow Fever immunization cards.  Thank you Ricks for picking up new copies for us and overnighting them to us, saving the day.

Our District: the Squires, Jeffries, and Kaonas

The Obligatory "Pointing at our Mission" photo

Sculpture in the MTC

The main hallway in the MTC

Wearing our leis in the common area of the Senior floor


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