Sunday, July 13, 2014

7/13 - Slow Week

A rare slow week.   We’re getting more rain, which means slightly cooler temperatures, and Sister Coleman loves it.  I was thinking about all of the motorcycles with umbrellas here and pondering why that doesn't work in America.  I think it is because there is no wind here.  The umbrellas are built to handle strong oncoming wind but would probably collapse in a side or rear wind.  I don't know why this country has no windy days.

Transfers went off with scarcely a hitch.  Flights were late, but that is normal here.  That gives us more time in the airport to share the gospel.  And we discovered the airport restaurant, where, for the price of a croissant we can wait in comfort watching the airplanes land, instead of standing in the crowds for hours.  Two of our Elders, Brockbank & Niyonkuru, were replaced by Elders Johnson & Hatch.
Elder Hatch

Elder Johnson
Guava Juice Ingredients: Pineapple
I bought a bottle of guava juice.  It tasted like guava.  It had a photo of guavas.  But the ingredients list had only pineapple, sugar, water, & citric acid.

This week someone came from mission headquarters to conduct Seminary & Institute Graduation services.  It was supposed to start at 2 but he didn’t arrive until 4.  And everybody waited.  Then he waited until 4:30 to start, because some people weren’t there yet.  The meeting was still going when we left the building at 6:00.  Africans are incredibly patient.

Things are moving forward on the humanitarian project but we don’t have approval yet.

Princess Stephanie brought two nieces, Rosine & Edwege, over to meet us.  We had a good time chatting and sharing the gospel.  When they found out that we have an unmarried son they asked for his phone number and email.  I asked them to sing a song, so here it is.  The language is Bamilike and it is a song of prayer.
Finally, a photo of a taxi motorcycle with umbrella (by the baptismal font)

The owner, Douala Martin Luther with his bike
Our Apartment Building (very upscale for here)

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