Sunday, September 21, 2014

9/21 - Enjoying African Life

It’s been a rare, slow, relaxing week.  There were no emergencies and Sister Coleman pulled something in her back so we had to take it easy.  She has recovered.

We were finally asked to help find a new branch meetinghouse.  I don’t know how to do that, but it is nice to be asked.  I got it announced in church so all of the branch members can help in the search.

We met a Pentecostal missionary family from Louisiana in one of the upscale stores and had a nice chat.  They have lived here 10 years although in the town of Buea.  They said that we are very lucky to have been here 7 months without getting malaria.  They were just in Douala to shop and recommended some restaurants and stores that we didn’t know about.  So we were able to pick up some needed supplies at a new-to-us store.  Twice this week we had lunch at a hidden gem of a restaurant “Foyer du Marin”.
Dugout Canoe on Display in Foyer du Marin Restaurant
Lunch in Foyer du Marin: Beef Kebab & Tomato Salad

We took Princess Stephanie to her travel agency to see if they have good prices for tickets to America.  The internet was down and the agent was disorganized and crabby.  A lot of people here don’t understanding marketing.  When she called later with prices, they weren’t as good as Expedia.

We invited Majesté Tchatchoua, the chief, and his wife, the queen, to dinner.  They are a charming couple.  We learned that he is not only a village chief but a tribal chief and neighborhood chief.  But none of those jobs pay, so he makes a living as a manager at the port.

We have been running laps in a nearby parking lot of the party headquarters.  Then a guy shows up and says we can’t run there.  I ask who I have to talk to to get permission.  He says Senator Tobaimi.  So we come back later to talk to the Senator.  He is not in but an aide gives us permission to run there.  Darn.  I was hoping to meet the Senator.

Before church the branch presidency asked each auxiliary leader, “who is teaching the lesson?”  Then they asked who was teaching if that person didn’t show up.  Absent teachers are a big problem due to illness or traffic jams.

Choir practice after church was interesting.  We were late and arrived in the middle of an intense debate over whether everyone should wear pink or white shirts.  They finally decided that the men should wear white.  Then they had elections for the choir “censeur” (rule enforcer).  2 men and 3 women wanted the job.  A young man won the secret ballot.  It will be interesting to see what he actually does.
Candidates for Choir Rule Enforcer (Censeur)

The mission president said that no more P-Day excursions to the beach town of Limbe would be allowed.  He is concerned about safety due to the Boko Haram terrorist activity in Nigeria that often crosses into Cameroon.  I’m not too concerned since it is all about 500 miles north of us.  That is about a week’s travel time, the roads being what they are.

The rainy season seems to be over.  We are getting very little rain (yay), more sun (yay), and higher temperatures (boo).  Hot weather here is in the mid-80’s.  As for cold weather: I’ve never seen or wished for a heater in Africa.  I love the weather here.
District Meeting: Elders Waite, Rakotondrabeharison, Roth, & Okon

Billboard.  English is different here.  Who doesn't want plenty fun?

15 Chairs on a Motorcycle.

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