Sunday, November 9, 2014

11/9 - Baptism, Soccer

We sometimes get caught up in the little problems and details and forget to see the big picture.  The work is moving forward and people are finding joy in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We've gotten used to the enthusiasm here and forget how amazing it is.  The singing is loud and meetings are long and frequent because people enjoy them so much.  They look forward to cleaning the building with its attendant blessings and always start with a song and prayer.

The water was off at the Douala Branch building so the Elders moved the baptism to the Bonaberi building.  It was well attended in spite of the distance.
Elder Hatch, Mateo Charlotte, Elder Colindres

We got word that Elder Okon is being transferred to Brazzaville, and were asked to get him a visa.  This one went a lot smoother than the first time we did it.  We’re still anxiously awaiting word on the other transfers that will occur in two days.

Our loaner piano went to President Ngueti’s home so his daughter, Brenda, age 12, and his wife can practice on it for four weeks.  (Normally 3 weeks but a visit from President Monga is scheduled in 3 weeks.)  It is fun to see such excitement!  I took a photo of their duplex and a bunch of neighborhood kids ran over to get in it.
Ngueti Home photobombed by local kids

Piano lessons at the Douala Branch are finally picking up a bit now that we changed the time to 10-12 Saturday.  School was making Wednesday difficult.

Brenda and Fleur Ida came to our apartment to learn how to bake a cake and sew with Sister Coleman.  The sewing machine wouldn’t cooperate so we played SkipBo while the cake baked.
Fleur, Elder Okon, Bernadette Ngueti, Marceline, Vinick, Brenda Ngueti

We found some sausages at the store that are just like hot dogs, only better.  I’ve been missing hot dogs so we’ve been enjoying them a lot lately.  Now if only we could find pickle relish…

The Young Men of Douala challenged the Elders Quorum to a soccer match Saturday morning.  Turnout was good.  The EQ won 4-3, although since the referee was from the EQ there was reportedly some bias in calling offsides. I didn't play because I'm paranoid of getting injured and being in a hospital here.  There are good hospitals here, but I would rather not take chances.  Sister Coleman doesn't drive here and I don't want to make her start.  Fortunately, nobody was injured except for a skinned knee.
YM in blue, EQ in orange

Pre-game prayer, in a circle
The soccer field is in the front yard of the Prince of Douala.  His title would be King but the colonial conquerors said that there could be no kings, so his office was changed to Prince.  He is still the traditional ruler of the city and wields a lot of influence.

Corner Kick.  In the back you can see the home of the Prince of Douala.

The ball is in the air.
Chefferie (Prince's royal office) in the corner of the soccer field

The Chefferie

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