Sunday, January 18, 2015

1/18/2015 - New Meetinghouse

Saturday night at 5:15pm the truck arrived with the first load of chairs and furnishings for the new Douala Branch meetinghouse.  Six hours later, with the help of the choir and some neighborhood kids, the branch president got the building ready for Sunday meetings.  There is still a lot of organizing to do, but we had a good turnout on Sunday, which was surprising since the building is so hard to find.
Our new meetinghouse

Arranging furniture in meetinghouse

Neighbor kids just dropped in and helped out.

On Friday the air conditioners were installed.  All week long we had been expecting and hoping for the chairs to arrive.  Meetings were held standing or sitting on the floor.  Now we can finally start to feel settled and invite the neighbors to join us.
Institute attendance was way down, but class was held even without chairs.

We bought 50 children’s books in French on Ebay and hauled them back from America.  Now most are loaned out to branch members.  Books are expensive here and it seems like few children have them.  We hope to encourage literacy.
Kids were excited to borrow books!

I played soccer in a branch competition.  I played for Bonaberi, who won 3-2.  Two players were injured at different times and each lay on the ground in agony for a few minutes due to strains, but both foolishly wanted to limp back into the game later.  None of the missionaries were injured.
After the soccer game - featuring Elder West

After the soccer game - featuring Elder Legerski

Soccer spectators.  The woman in back peels, cuts, and sells oranges.

The rest of the week was just the usual reports, errands, repairs, meetings, teaching, piano lessons, etc.

Life is good here.  Cameroonians who are given the option to live permanently in the US or France, usually come back to Cameroon.
The Tenchou family leaving church

Kids burning plastic pipes and other debris.  Aren't bonfires fun?

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