Sunday, February 8, 2015

2/8/2015 - Baptism, Transfers, Movie Night, Generator

A baptism!  Tamotamo Beaulivier was baptized Saturday by President Nkong and confirmed Sunday by me.  We got to teach him the missionary lessons a few times.
President Nkong and Beaulivier after Beaulivier's baptism

We had a very busy week adding transfers, movie nights, and classes to our usual activities.  We started off with a farewell dinner and testimony meeting and sending Elder Colindres home.
Farewell Dinner

Elders Larson, Rakotondrabeharison, Kabasele, Colindres, West, Johnson, Legerski, & Mwehu

Elder Mwehu

Elders Kabasele, Colindres, & West

Transfers were numerous.  Most of our Elders moved and all changed companions.  Elder VanAusdal arrived from Yaoundé and Elder Mandefu from Brazzaville.  Elder Rakotondrabeharison went to Yaoundé.
Elder VanAusdal

Elder Mandefu

Traffic jams were particularly bad.  Twice we were stuck for 1.5 hours and we nearly missed our first piano lessons of the year.

There were hundreds of people at the police station hoping to get jobs when we went for residence cards.  I’ve never seen it so packed.  Once, Sister Coleman managed to shove her way past the guard and through the gate but I had to wait outside.  Fortunately, she was able to pick up the cards and passports and get out again.
Job Seekers at the Police Station

Policeman keeping order in the crowd

Another time we chanced to meet Princess Stephanie at the police station, who told us that her chief, Majesté Tchatchoua, just lost his mother in a car accident.  So we went to his house to express condolences.  He is a very friendly, benevolent king.

We had our first movie night at the Bonaberi Branch, sponsored by us.  There are guys that push popcorn carts and sell slightly sweetened popcorn, so we bought 50 bags at 20 cents each.  Then we bought 50 small loaves of bread at 10 cents each.  We brought popcorn, bread, and water so nobody would have to be hungry, but the branch brought butter and sausage for the bread to make sandwiches and made folerie (punch).  So everybody had supper before the movie and enjoyed Mulan in French.  We also showed part of Legacy.  We hope to give the branch a fun time together and invite neighbors to a casual event where they might get interested in the Church.

We tried to have a movie night at the Douala Branch Saturday afternoon but, unfortunately, they still hadn’t resolved the problems with electricity.  Fortunately, by Sunday morning they had hauled in a huge generator and hooked it up to the building.  Unfortunately, none of the air conditioners seemed to work properly with the generator power.  Fortunately, Africans are accustomed to heat and the lights, microphone and electric piano worked.  Unfortunately, the generator was installed right outside of the sacrament meeting room and was very loud.  Fortunately, everyone stayed attentive throughout the meetings and sang loudly as they love to do.  Unfortunately, the generator shut itself off about every 3 minutes.  Fortunately, Africans are very patient but after about 20 tries they gave up on the generator and by then we were grateful for the silence.  The trials of setting up a new meetinghouse.

After the services we taught the first temple preparation class in the Douala Branch.  We had 17 students and treated them to popcorn left over from the cancelled movie night.  We have loaned out all 52 of our French books and a few of the English books in our little children’s lending library.  We have photographed most of the Bonaberi Branch and about 20 families in the Douala Branch and posted photos and names on the walls for everyone to get to know each other.
Claudelia sporting a new headdress

The widow Bongongui (r) and her daughter

The post office room where we pick up packages
Beignet Salesman
Mototaxi driver bundled up for the cold (80 deg F)

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