Sunday, June 21, 2015

6/21/2015 - Baptism, Restaurant, Names

An unusually calm week, with not much to report on, so this blog will be brief.

There was another baptism in the Bonaberi Branch:  Bessong Joel Ngona.
Frère Martin & Joel (in white), Elders Mbuyi, Muamba, Sperry, VanAusdal (in ties)

Happy Father's Day!  Sister Coleman surprised me with breakfast and a gift of a new suit!  Very stylish and appropriate for business, church, and casual occasions.  No, it is not pajamas!  And she got a matching dress.
Father's Day Suit (Not pajamas!)

We finally dined at a “French” restaurant that we have been trying for months to find time for.  La Formule Provençale turned out to be more Camerounais than French and the buffet was limited to one-trip & 3-items, but it is a step up from the more common local restaurants.
La Formule Provençale Restaurant

We also tried a new patisserie (pastry shop), Le Moulin de France.  It's pretty good.
I like the fondant chocolat.  The brioche chocolat was good, too.

The chocolate brownies weren't sweet enough.

We visited a couple of architects to see if they looked qualified to build our new chapel.  One was very modern with a large staff and expensive equipment.  The other had an office in the front of her home and 2 interns as staff.  But they both seemed well trained and qualified.

Another student, Wilfred, finished the piano course and can apply to get a keyboard!

We taught our first class on conducting music in the Douala Branch and it went well with 10 students.

I decided that I’d better record some of the interesting names of people we know here.  Of course, each of these people also has one or more African names and the names can be in any order so it is very confusing.  As one woman told me, it is part of the suffering that Africans experience.
Messie (Messiah)
Ioyhe? (Jehovah)
Jean Baptiste (John the Baptist)
Jeanne D’Arc (Joan of Arc)
Martin Luther
Moïse (Moses)
Lazare (Lazarus)
Dieudonne (God-given)
Faith Divine
Janvier (January)

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