Sunday, July 5, 2015

7/5/2015 - Multiplying Branches, Baptism, Cinquinis, Cameroon Scouts

Today is a contender for the best Sunday of our mission!  We now have 4 branches instead of 2!  The mission president came and divided the Douala Branch in 3.  He spent 2 days interviewing people and selecting leaders.  We had no clue who would be the new leaders and were quite surprised when they were announced.  The Lord is in charge and he inspires his servants.  Now we have new branch presidents, counselors, clerks, executive secretaries, and Elders Quorum presidents for all 3 branches.  The Lord's kingdom is rolling forth and it is exciting to watch!
New Bell Branch President Mbengue (center) with counselors Su & Uchendu

Village Branch President Tchaptchet (center) with counselors Tentchou & Abega

Douala Branch President Essomba (center) with counselors Yannick & Samgwa'a

New Branch Leaders, Pres. Monga, some wives, E. Dimond, Sis. Coleman

We conducted a financial audit of the old branch and invited all of the new branch presidencies to train them on proper procedures.

Another baptism was held in the Bonaberi Branch, but we couldn't attend due to other meetings.  The Bonaberi Branch president asked when we can divide his branch.  Soon it will be necessary.  They scarcely have room in the chapel for sacrament meeting.  And the 2 Elders there have scheduled baptisms for every Saturday in July.  What a great mission!

The Cinquini couple came to visit for a day.  They are public affairs specialist missionaries serving in South Africa and came to see how Cameroon is doing.  It is so fun to have guests.  They are from Salem, OR.

I took a YM president and went to visit a Cameroon Scout meeting.  They don’t call them Boy Scouts because girls are allowed.  But they have pictures of Baden Powell, they use the Scout sign and handshake, and they have their own French version of the Scout Oath and Law.  They have a cool headquarters and the meeting was planning a multi-troop camping trip.  Camping, hiking and cooking on fires are second-nature to most Africans, so instead they study local medicinal plants, Morse code, job skills, and service.  I hope that we can get scouting started in the branches here.
YM President Raoul with 3 Scout Leaders at Headquarters
Scout Meeting Hall

Power Failed during Meeting so Scouts Used Candles

The Dimonds came for the branch division and Sister Dimond needed some more fabric.  So we went back to Marché Congo.
Girl Carrying Baby in Marché
 If you can't find the hardware you need on a handcart, you can probably get along without it.
Home Depot on a Handcart in Marché
 We sometimes see this musician in the airport parking lot.  His instrument looks cooler than it sounds.
An African Instrument

Ladouce Displaying her Dress
 Drivers constantly turn right or left from any lane they choose, forcing others to brake for them.
Car in Right Lane Ready to Turn Left when Light Turns Green
 I'm always afraid that I'll drive into one of the 3-foot-deep gutters that are often uncovered.  This guy did.  A bunch of us tried to push and lift the pickup out but the tire was wedged in tightly.
Someone's Tire Wedged in Gutter by our Apartment

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