Sunday, August 2, 2015

8/2/2015 - Baptism, Zone Conference

Another baptism in Bonaberi!  Her name is Ebele Laurence Ntouba.  That makes 8 weeks of baptisms!  They will have to divide that branch soon.

I asked Purita to make foofoo for us and gave her the cash to buy the ingredients.  Included in her purchases was a stirring stick the size of a softball bat.  To do foofoo right takes a BIG stick to stir while you hold the pan with your feet.  I suggested we could eat it together on Monday to celebrate Jacque’s birthday.  We expected 5 guests.  But they invited a few more and we ended up with 10.  There was still leftover foofoo.  Yum!
Purita Making Foofoo
Some of the party crowd

We sent Purita, her father, and Jacques to Yaoundé to apply for their passports and get Jacques' identity card, preparing for missions.  Purita’s father had to sign for her since she is only 19.  They wouldn’t accept his expired identification so now he is trying to get his own new identity card.  The bureaucracy is out of control.

The Mongas came for a zone conference.  We held it at the church to prepare for when we are gone.  Lunch was at a restaurant.
The Douala Zone with President & Sister Monga

Elders Mbikayi & Mpongo demonstrate teaching
Lunch at 5 Forks restaurant

We sent in missionary applications for Davy and Fleur!  What a chore.  26 pages each to scan.  They took a lot of running around town, trips to Yaoundé, interviews, various police certifications, etc.  Now we will get feedback and try to fix them.

We had a fond farewell Sunday in Bonaberi today.  Every chair was filled in fast & testimony meeting.  We wish we could be there for the coming temple trips, weddings, branch division, and other events.  It is hard to just let go.  But the Lord will take care of his church.
Sister Coleman made one of these YW banners for each building

Random guy arranging his bananas

Some carved doors at the Bonaberi meetinghouse

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  1. You two will be missed. You have done so much. We will follow you home at the end of the month. We had some things we need to stay and wrap up before we head out. Safe journey!