Sunday, December 28, 2014

12/28 - Christmas, Talent Night

All of the missionaries spent Christmas day at our home.  Sister Coleman filled eight stockings with treats for them.  It took 6 hours for all of the Elders to skype with their families (except the Congolese, who phoned).  We ate beignets, chili, pizza, veggies, banana bread, cookies, and a bûche de Noël.  We watched the Christmas Devotional and some other Church videos and acted out the nativity.  There were also a few games and a lot of fun.  Not quite like being at home, but we’re like a family here.
Elders Colindres, Kabasele, Johnson, West, & Rakotondrabeharison

Elders West, Rakotondrabeharison, Larson, & Legerski

Elders Kabasele, Johnson, Colindres, West, Mwehu, Larson, Legerski, & Rakotondrabeharison

Traditional French Bûche de Noël

Elders Mwehu, Rakotondrabeharison, Legerski, Johnson, Kabasele, Colindres, Larson, & West

Saturday the Douala Branch had a talent night.  There was singing, dancing, rap, poetry, oratory, cooking (crepes), drawing, table-setting, a rap/dance by the missionaries, and I did a little magic.  The scheduled start time was 2pm but it started a couple of hours late and went until 7.  Then the dinner started.  One of the biggest, wildest parties of the year.
Frère Dadi (2nd counselor) Dressed for the Party

Soeur Su demonstrates Crêpe-Making

Dance by the Primary Girls

Demonstration of Table-Setting

Joseph & Rosine sing a song about Temple Marriage

Another Primary Dance

The Douala Branch will have a place to meet!  A contract was signed yesterday.  Tuesday we have to move out of our meetinghouse so we will be in limbo for a couple of days.  Then Thursday we can start to move in to the new place.

We’ve baked lots of cookies and banana bread loaves as Christmas gifts.

We dropped in to the US Embassy Branch office to check it out.  The one American official was gone for the holidays.

We plan to skip a week of blogging.  We are going to Utah for 10 days to help our daughter who just gave birth to a daughter.  Have a happy New Year!
Mother holding baby on the back of a motorcycle

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