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12/7 - Maritime Museum, Marriage Proposal, Leonel's Video

The week was mostly filled with the usual, so I'll just highlight the new stuff.

For a zone activity we visited the Douala Maritime Museum.  We saw exhibits on the slave ships, dugout canoes, fishing nets, shipping vessels, and navy ranks and gear.  Curiously, they never mentioned any Cameroon navy ships.  I think all they have is small boats.  But the museum is less than a year old and very nice, though small.  We weren’t allowed to photograph any of the interesting exhibits.

The sign combines English and French

Knot Display in the Museum

After the museum we went down to the bay to see the view.
At Douala Bay
At Douala Bay
We ate at a Tex-Mex restaurant that we chanced to find.  The only Texan item on the menu was a cheeseburger, and the Mexican selection was sparse.  My burritos looked like tacos, which explains why there were no tacos on the menu.  Expensive, but they tasted good.

We went with a branch member to provide moral support as his family proposed marriage.  It is way different here.  The young couple has little to do with a marriage proposal.  The groom’s father did all of the talking, and had to present the proposal to the bride’s father’s family and then in another meeting to the bride’s mother’s family.  He had to pay something to the bride’s father’s family.  Next, the groom’s father will go to the bride’s village to receive the demands for the “dote,” or bride price.  Each of the bride’s relatives can ask for something.  Once the price is paid the couple is free to get married.

We visited another family, named Hansen, who has done everything except the official marriage.  They have put that off so they could save up for a big party, because if they don’t have a big party the family will be offended.  We encouraged them to just get married and then start planning a big party.  It doesn’t have to be the same day.  They have settled on January 20th for the wedding at city hall.
The Hansen Parents with Elders Colindres & Hatch

One of the elders chipped a tooth so we took him to Dr. Bouda, our favorite dentist.  He did the repair work and replaced a loose filling just like an American dentist with little discomfort and no Novocain.  And his prices are very low compared to US dentistry.

I mentioned Leonel’s Joseph Smith video in my last post.  If you want to see it, it is on YouTube in reduced resolution at:
It has been noticed by Margaret Young, a former BYU professor who is working on a film called “Heart of Africa.”  It looks like she will invite him to join her project.  That is so exciting!  Again, if you know anyone needing video animation expertise, please pass the link.

We taught our Temple Prep class again in Bonaberi.  This time we started even later than last time, because Relief Society went an hour and 20 minutes overtime.  But most of our class waited patiently and we had about 18 students this time.
Frère Totto came to church in a traditional outfit

Bolivier - soon to be baptized

The artistic stack of pots at Shell New Bell

This is a divided highway.  Why are all of those motos on the wrong side?

Handcart (Pous-Pous) crossing the road

Where did this herd of goats come from and why are they downtown?

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