Sunday, March 1, 2015

3/1/2015 - Visit from Elder Cook, Fridge Repair

This week was centered around a visit by a general authority.

Elder Carl B. Cook of the 1st Quorum of Seventy who is our Area president came to visit for a day.  He trained the missionaries, toured the meetinghouses and property, listened to our concerns and promised to help.  We are thrilled.
Africans in back, so that the mission president could translate for them
The Zone sang for Elder Cook

Back: Elders Mwehu, Legerski, Larson, Kabasele, Johnson, Mandefu, West, VanAusdal, Front: Sisters Coleman & Monga, Pres Monga, Elder & Sis Cook

On that morning, when we were preparing to serve 14 people at the zone conference, our refrigerator compressor failed.  The ice cream was rather liquid.  The next morning we called a repairman, Marcel.  He came and said he had to take it to his shop to do the welding.  He got a young man nearby to help him carry our refrigerator to the street where he waited for a taxi to pass.  Several passed but had passengers.  After about 5 minutes a vacant taxi chanced to come along so they loaded it into the back of the Toyota and drove off.  Marcel thought it odd that I wanted a photo.  He asked how we transport refrigerators in America.  I told him that people who repair appliances own trucks.  Everything is taxis here.
This is how it is done here.

Everything goes by taxi.

Of course, we had to get by without a refrigerator until the next day.  We gave a lot of food to the Elders to use but had a lot left.  No problem, we have kitchen A/C!  We cranked it up, closed the doors, and had a walk-in cooler.  Not super cold, but ok for one day.

15-year-old Vinick taught the Bonaberi piano class because we were with Elder Cook.  We dropped off the pianos and put him in charge.  We were told that he did well.

Sonya Nkong, the Douala Branch president’s wife, had her baby on Monday, one day after the due date.  3.75 kg and 50 cm.  They are doing well.  Simon and Ange had their 3-week-old baby blessed today.

We taught our Teacher Training and Fortifying Marriage classes again in the Douala Branch and had good groups.  The first students arrived 10 minutes late, so we’re going to keep emphasizing being on time.  I told them that if they are on time they will get cookies.  Like teaching first grade.

The Bonaberi Branch temple prep class went well.  We showed the new “Sacred Temple Clothing” video and got a lot of questions.

Two of our three African Elders have health issues, so we spent some time at the doctor, lab, and pharmacy.  The third African just got over his health issue.  But they resist the dietary guidance given them by the mission, preferring their familiar African dishes (fufu 3 meals a day) to varied vegetables and fruits.
A pillow vendor following a mattress vendor

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