Sunday, March 29, 2015

3/29/2015 - Branch President Released, 4 Baptisms, Returning Missionary, Buying Insurance

There was a BIG change in the Douala Branch today.  The branch president, Marius Nkong, was released.  His counselors, Victor Mgenge and Sylvain Dadi, will run the branch until a new president is called.  After his release was announced in Sacrament Meeting he took the stand and spoke of his testimony and support for the leaders.  Then Elder Epoge, newly returned from his mission, Victor Mbenge, and Elder Dimond spoke.  Elder Dimond presided as counselor to the mission president and made the change.  We are sad to lose such a talented leader but hopeful that his counselors will be able to solve some of the numerous problems that have plagued the branch.  President Nkong has been under a lot of stress lately with his new baby, health problems, and entrepreneurial efforts.

The Bonaberi Branch had 4 baptisms, but we couldn't be there, so no photo.  They were all youth converts in the Bayard family.

The group of G4S guards was huge Monday when I joined them on a 3-4 mile run.  I counted 25.  While running home afterwards I met a friendly man who said that he is a journalist.  I invited him over and we sat in the stairwell and taught him the restoration.  We don’t invite strangers into our apartment due to security concerns in the mission.

We taught another group of 5 investigators at the Su’s FHE: Njambé Michel, Yolande, Ezekiel, Mireille, & Elie.  It was the restoration again and more good questions.  The great thing about the Su’s friends is that they are all educated and employed.  Yolande is a fashion designer and model.

Our teacher training class had 4 students, our Strengthening Marriage class one couple, but our Temple Prep class had 27 students.  Even the Dims came, after I specially invited them.  Sunday is definitely the best time to have classes, so people don’t have to pay for transportation to the church during the week.

Ruth had some pain in her elbow so we went to the clinic.  The doctor examined it and said it is probably inflammation and prescribed anti-inflammatories and heating cream which worked wonders.  The visit cost $12, the drugs $11.

Ants are becoming a minor annoyance in the kitchen.  There aren’t very many but when we kill them new ants appear.  African ants are almost too small to see but they run really fast.  Most of the time they seem to be aimlessly wandering so we can’t track them to their nest or their goal.  Why can’t they act right, like American ants?

We asked our hired helper to mop the bathroom floor.  He grabbed a bucket and headed for the kitchen to get water.  I told him that he could get it from the bathtub and then had to show him how to turn the knob to get water.  He has a cell phone and rides in taxis but indoor plumbing is still mysterious.
Assoumu Davy, our employee saving for a mission

We toured Doctor Samgwa’a Samuel’s orphan assistance facility.  He ran out of money and had to shut it down last year.  He had spent years traveling and working in Germany and Norway, during which time he found a copy of the Book of Mormon and joined the Church.  Then he had some visions which told him that he should return to “feed the people” in Cameroon, so he came back and started his orphan facility.
Doctor Samuel's pharmacy - His clinic is in back.

Doctor Samuel and his clinic, which is out of money

Clinic Reception Desk

Clinic Hallway

Buying insurance was interesting.  I recently noticed that our apartment contracts all require fire insurance.  The mission said to buy it so I started looking for an insurance agent in the branches.  I was determined to get two bids so I found two agents, explained what I was doing and asked for bids.  A bidding war ensued and we ended up with a great price.  We were happy, the winning agent was happy, and we were left wondering how they can cut their prices so much and stay in business.

We picked up a returning missionary, Elder Epoge, from the airport.  His flight was supposed to land at 9:25 pm but was cancelled, so he switched to a flight landing at 10:35 pm.  It didn’t arrive until 11:50 and the baggage took an extra hour.  We got to bed at 1:30 am Friday night.  The next day after the Dimonds arrived, President Dimond released Elder Epoge and he went home with his family.  He is the only LDS in his family but his mother and one sister came to church today.
Elder Epoge & Mom - Joyful reunion after mission

The Dimonds bought us dinner at the nearby Tex Mex Restaurant.  The first time we went there I ordered a burrito and it looked like tacos.  This time I ordered enchiladas.  Again, tacos.  They were like crisp tacos filled with ground beef and beans.  At least they came with pickles.  Wait, pickles?  Oh yeah, TIA.
My Enchilada Plate at Tex Mex Restaurant

Tiny but delicious pie from bakery store

Elder Legerski's new African garb

Sister Coleman's Favorite Apple/Orange Cart

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